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Quotes can be used as preliminary service offer for your clients. Create a new quoted service with all the parameters, surcharges, etc. and create a quote for it. Then send it to your client and as soon as your client accepts this offer, you can activate the service and the automatic billing will be activated.

Creating a quote

Quote can be created in the same way as invoice. You can add items such as services with surcharges, products, fees, etc. You can also send the quote to client via email after creation.

Please note, that only services in "Quoted" status can be added to a quote. Refer to Quoted services for more information.

Approval process

After the quote is created, it is in "Open" status. This means, the quote can be either accepted or rejected.

Accepting a quote

When the quote is accepted, any "Quoted" services the quote contains are automatically activated. Also an invoice can be created from the quote.

When you click the "Invoice" button on the detail of accepted quote, you will be redirected to new Invoice form. All items, that were on the quote will be pre-filled, including total discount. Other parameters (e.g. client's address) are not copied from the quote, but taken from up-to-date data. This means, that if you changed client's address after the quote was created the new Invoice form will have the new address pre-filled.

Rejecting a quote

When the quote is rejected, the status will change to "Rejected". No further automatic operations are done. For example when the quote contains a service and is rejected, the service will stay in the same status as it was before rejection. You need to handle any changes manually.

Reopening a quote

After the quote was accepted or rejected, you can reopen it. This means the status will changed back to "Open" and you can accept it or reject it the same way as before.

Please note, that reopening a quote will not deactivate already activated service.

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