Service fees

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When you create a service, you can set the setup fee and early termination fee in the contract section of the service form. You can specify default values for both fees in System → Billing → Service plans.

Setup fee

If a new service has a setup fee associated, then this fee will be added to the first auto-generated invoice for that client. The setup fee price can only be changed if it was not yet invoiced.

Early termination fee

You can setup the Early termination fee and minimum contract length. Then, this fee will be issued when the service is terminated (either automatically or manually) and the minimum contract length is not reached.

When the fee is issued

The contract length is calculated using the Active From and Active To service parameters. Note that Invoicing start has no effect, the Early termination fee is issued only when: the service is manually or automatically terminated and the period between Active From and Active To is less then the Minimum Contract length.

The fee is not issued when service is created and terminated on the same day (Active From and Active To are the same).

When the fee is invoiced

As usual, when any fee is created, it is not invoiced immediately, it is just assigned to the client. It will be added to the next auto-generated invoice. However, you can always cancel the fee (on the client view page) or invoice it manually until it is invoiced automatically.

Note that setting up a deferred change will not trigger early termination fee as the service is not terminated, only changed.

Late Fee

Automatic late fee issuing

Late fee is issued whenever an invoice (containing invoiced service) becomes overdue. At that moment, the late fee is created and assigned to the client, it's not invoiced or applied to any other invoice yet.

Note that an overdue invoice containing only non-recurring items (such as products) will not trigger a new late fee issuing.

Applying late fee

When a late fee has been created due to an overdue invoice, it will be applied to the very next new invoice automatically. Before this happens, you can void that late fee (on client's profile page) or add the late fee as a new invoice item manually (on invoice create / edit page).

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