Setting up MercadoPago

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One-Time payments

To enable one-time payments, you must provide MercadoPago Client ID and Secret in organization settings (System → Organizations) and you need to setup notification URL in your MercadoPago account.

To get these follow instructions below:

  1. Log in to your MercadoPago account.
  2. Get the "Basic checkout" credentials at one of the following URL's based on your country:
  3. Fill the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET in your organization settings (System → Organizations).
  4. Copy the MercadoPago notification URL from your organization and fill it into your MercadoPago account. You can do that at one of the following URL's based on your country:
  5. Make sure to select both payment and merchant_order topics.
  6. Please note, that valid SSL certificate is required for payments to work correctly.

For testing purposes you can create a test user. See MercadoPago documentation for more information.


If your UCRM organization uses different currency, than your MercadoPago account, the payments will NOT be attached to clients and will appear in UCRM as unattached payments.


Subscriptions via MercadoPago do not require any additional setup. Only make sure all steps from One-Time payments setup are done.

To allow creating subscriptions, you need to enable them in UCRM in System → Billing → Invoicing.

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